Caravan World — 2 June 2009

70 Years, A history of the RACV Caravan Club, featuring rare and amazing photos of caravanning in Victoria during the 1930s, tells the official history of the RACV Caravan Club.

RACV CC member Sandra Eldridge compiled the book from the club's extensive Minutes.

“The committee made huge decisions for the club: to buy land and to lease the land at Sorrento, dividing the club into divisions and so on," Sandra said.

“There was a huge amount of work done by the committee in the very early days.  They researched suitable rally locations by actually travelling to them to check them. And when you think of the cars they drove, the inferior roads and the time they gave, it's very impressive.”

“The club today maintains all that they built in terms of structure and ethos. Its great. Absolutely unique and inexplicable unless you are a part of it.”


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