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Caravan World — 8 January 2009

Editor Max in his words of wisdom column (aka his editorial) commented on caravan parks that were offering free internet connection, which was commendable, but he warned against the perils of being trapped in front of a computer screen half the day.

I’m with our editor on both points. Emails and internet are very much part of our lives and for many it’s necessary to keep in touch with the world. So for me, easy access to emails/internet (for instance, sitting in my RV in a caravan park) means I can spend 10 minutes (hopefully) dealing with anything urgent and then get on with the day or evening without the computer. I have been in places where I have had to spend considerable time finding somewhere to get online and that (in my opinion) is time wasted.

On a similar theme, photography is my hobby, as well as part of work. Although I have a few skills with PC programs like Photoshop, I really don’t like spending hours in front of a computer screen manipulating images (and it can be time-consuming). I’d rather be out there getting good images in the first place. Believe it or not, I still have a film camera which comes out occasionally, and I enjoy a bit of time in a black-and-white film processing lab.

Would any observant reader like to guess where the mystery picture above is taken of this rather idyllic-looking spot? It’s something to do with keeping travelling costs down a bit. I’ll tell you next month (February #462 Caravan World) - Malcolm Street.


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