Paradise Inspiration Supreme Black Edition: Review

Malcolm Street — 5 November 2015

When you are Paradise Motorhomes, which is renowned for its luxury RVs, producing an extra-special motorhome is a bit difficult. But that has never stopped the MacLean team at Paradise from constantly trying. And one of its latest offerings – the Inspiration Supreme Black Edition – is a very good case in point.

Although Paradise calls this the ‘Black Edition’, it’s not a reference to the motorhome’s external colour but, rather, some extra goodies that it comes with. While black can look quite exotic as an external colour for an RV, it’s not very practical and is not well received in the marketplace, so the Supreme has a standard Paradise colour scheme. The unique ‘black’ items that give this motorhome its name are special decals, the entry door surround, alloy front cab steps and, although not seen on our review motorhome, black external vents.


One of the principal features of the Inspiration Black is the 4.2m (13ft 9in) slide-out which opens on the offside and creates a considerable living area within the motorhome.

The slide-out contains a sideways lounge, the kitchen bench and also the queen-size bed. It matches well with the rest of the layout, which consists of a front lounge/dining area that incorporates the swivelling cab seats, a large wardrobe along the nearside wall and a large bathroom across the rear.

Both front cab seats swivel around and, on the passenger side, there’s a third seat with a folding table between the two seats. Beside the rear seat is the all-important wine rack and, on the other side of the motorhome, is the sideways lounge. There’s also a free-standing table stored in a rack under the bed.


As I noted above, the east-west bed sits in the rear of the slide-out. There’s enough room for the bed as well as bedside cabinets on both sides. Instead of drawers, the cabinets are fitted with hinged lids for access to the compartments underneath. There are also 12V/5V USB sockets for battery charging, and a row of overhead lockers runs across the top of the bed.


Catering is handled by the well-equipped kitchen and, while it looks relatively small, it has everything you need, including a four-burner cooktop. Under the cooktop are the grill and a convection microwave oven. Alongside the microwave are some good-sized drawers which are a little unusual because they have adjustable compartments which can be moved around to suit your needs.

On the opposite side is the Waeco 215L fridge with a flatscreen TV mounted above it, which can be seen easily from either the bed or the front seats. Beside the fridge is a stack of three cupboards and the middle one contains another ‘black’ feature – a Nespresso coffee machine. What sort of extra is that? A very good one, I reckon! Beside the coffee maker cupboard is a wardrobe with capacious hanging space and multiple shelves for just about anything you wish to carry.


When the slide-out is closed, it looks like it might be difficult to get to the rear bathroom but the bed base has been designed to lift with little effort, so occupants can get by quite easily. Lifting the bed also creates access to the under-bed storage space, which can be reached from the outside by an external bin door as well.

Paradise bathrooms are often a bit different to conventional motorhome bathrooms and the Inspiration Black’s is as well. A good-sized vanity is built into the nearside corner, the centre is devoted to the cassette toilet and the rear offside corner accommodates the large shower cubicle without any problem. The vanity has a partially-recessed ceramic basin and an optional front-loading washing machine below. That leaves space for a couple of drawers and a shaving cabinet above. The large window in the rear wall supplies fresh air and the toilet cassette is also fitted with a venting system.


There’s no doubt that the Paradise Inspiration Supreme Black is an expensive motorhome but it’s also a very well-engineered one, built by a team with considerable experience. And the Paradise team knows all about slide-out design, given most of its motorhomes have them.

Does the Black Edition add much to what is already a very well-equipped motorhome? Probably not, but I reckon that coffee machine is a real winner!



  • Driving the Sprinter
  • Quick to set up
  • Spacious interior with slide-out open
  • Easy access to the rear with slide-out closed
  • Classy motorhome, inside and out
  • Good external storage


  • Pricey, but you get what you pay for

The full test appears in Caravan World #544 December 2015. 


Paradise Inspiration Supreme Black Edition motorhome review Paradise Motorhomes


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