Caravan World — 3 December 2015

You might not recognise the name Entrada Caravans, as it’s pretty new in the RV industry, but you’ll certainly know the company behind the name, as Suncamper Motorhomes is not a new one. Having been in business for the last 38 years or so, Suncamper knows a thing or two about building RVs.

The name Entrada is derived from a Portuguese word that means ‘entrance’ or ‘voyage’. And the names of the Entrada models are almost as unique – Sand, Sage, Salt, Dusk and, in this case, Clay.

All the Entrada models are available in a range of different lengths and our review Clay had a body length of 6.2m (20ft 4in) and is made for standard on-road use. Built on a DuraGal chassis with 100mm (4in) rails and a 150mm (6in) drawbar, the tandem-axle van comes with roller rocker load-sharing suspension and 15in alloy wheels.


Like all vans in the Entrada range, the Clay comes with a front island bed and a full-width rear bathroom. The variation from the norm happens with the arrangement of the kitchen bench and the dinette. This particular layout has a club-style dinette on the offside and a kitchen bench along the nearside.

The contemporary black and white colour scheme is a definite feature of this van. It has glossy panels for all the doors and benchtops, along with a marble-look finish for the kitchen splashback. As you might imagine, all that, along with the large windows, results in a very bright interior.


Up front, the bedroom is fairly conventional with an island bed, side wardrobes, overhead lockers and lower cabinets. Partitions on either side close off the bedroom from the rest of the van but they don’t intrude too much into the space. The partitions also act as the back boards for diagonal corner cupboards on both sides.

The nearside cupboard is full-height, while the offside one is half-height with a swivel arm-mounted TV filling the air space. Neither gets in the way of manoeuvring around the bed and, of course, the TV can be swivelled around so as to be seen from the dinette.


A standout feature of the Clay is its good-sized kitchen, which features plenty of drawers and cupboards, along with two wire basket slide-out pantries and several overhead lockers. This results in a surprising amount of benchtop space around the angled stainless steel sink and recessed four-burner cooktop. Apart from the microwave, which could be set lower for safety, it’s quite a workable kitchen. On the opposite side of the van, the 184L Thetford three-way fridge fits in between the bathroom and dinette. As an aside, I’m always a bit perplexed by the model numbers that Thetford uses for its fridges – this one is N604M.3F.


The bathroom is very well equipped with a separate shower cubicle, offside cassette toilet and an extensive vanity cabinet with the wash basin offset the left to make space for the under-bench washing machine on the right.

This arrangement means the area beside the toilet has cupboards above and a couple of compartments below. They are a little awkward to get at and they limit elbow room around the loo. Many caravan showers have just a flexible hose outlet and a flick mixer tap but the Clay’s also comes with a moulding that includes a bottle shelf and a foot rest, to prevent the balancing/head banging act when washing.


In many ways, the Entrada Clay looks like a conventional caravan with its DuraGal chassis and timber-framed/aluminium-clad body. And it is. But look beyond that and you’ll notice its spacious, well-appointed kitchen (not always a given), its large bathroom and the comfortable, club-style dinette.

The Clay’s designers have managed to make everything a reasonable size, without compromising too much on anything.



  • User-friendly kitchen
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Comfortable dinette
  • Generous windows
  • Glossy interior finish


  • Not particularly light weight
  • Awkwardly-placed electrics
  • Microwave too high


test_Entrada Clay