Concept Innovation 600DB: Review

Peter Quilty — 25 September 2015

Flair and innovation are hallmarks of well-respected manufacturer Concept Caravans. So it’s no surprise that Concept is currently making a big bang in the family caravanning market.

Its latest effort – the Innovation 600DB – epitomises Concept’s expanding thinking and large-scale evolution since it exploded on to the caravan scene in 2004.

This 6.1m (20ft) bunk-bed family caravan was not a gamble for Concept, but simply an educated belief that a niche in the market could be cornered.


On-road touring is a breeze with this popular caravan, courtesy of a 2440kg ATM, which puts it in the so-called ‘Prado-friendly’ category. The Innovation 600DB also has excellent weight distribution with an aerodynamic structured front for wind resistance – a fact immediately brought to my attention as it effortlessly sliced through our Toyota LandCruiser’s slipstream along the bitumen roads and dirt tracks of Yarra Glen.

The Innovation 600DB sits proudly on a 100mm (4in) heavy duty Preston SupaGal chassis, with Al-Ko roller-rocker suspension and 10in Al-Ko electric drum brakes. And it rides smoothly on 15in 205R15 alloy wheels.

The Innovation 600DB is loaded with mod cons – from the Aircommand Ibis 3 air-conditioner, gas/electric hot water system with internal ignition, entertainment (22in LED TV/DVD/CD and radio) and digital rooftop antenna, to the spacious shower and other essential and luxury features. Every family holiday will be comfortable and memorable.


Interior space has been maximised by the omission of a front boot, which allows the queen-size bed, with quality innerspring mattress and posture slat base, to abut the front wall. Consequently, a full-length galvanised tunnel boot with large access doors is accessible from both sides of the caravan. There’s also storage on the offside with a lockable external hatch that is accessible underneath the bottom bunk bed.

Practicality abounds internally, with the kitchen, cafe lounge and ensuite astutely positioned to maximise space. The end result is sufficient room for any family to live in comfort, while conveniently utilising all features without compromising their essential needs.


The Innovation 600DB has a separate shower and Thetford swivel toilet with 12V fan hatch.


The Innovation 600DB is a superb on-road tourer, not only in its practicality but in quality and affordability. Quite simply, it is priced to be highly competitive in the market while offering good value for money.

And it has been specifically built for families, with the bunk layout and large living space easily accommodating a family of four.

According to Concept, the Innovation 600DB is a direct result of the company recognising a void in the ‘family’ caravanning sector.



  • Practicality and quality
  • Versatile towing
  • Competitive pricing


  • No bathroom vanity
  • Only two bunks
  • No stoneguard

The full test appears in Caravan World #543 November 2015.


Concept Innovation 600DB caravan Concept Caravans


Graeme Neander