2015 Review: Evernew E1000is

Michael Browning — 2 April 2015

When you review caravans for a living, there’s one question just about everyone asks you: ‘What’s the best caravan?’ Usually, I tell them to benchmark other caravans against an Evernew.

That’s not to say, however, that Evernew caravans are perfect, or that they are right for everyone. The latest E1000is series on review had a few small things that could have been done better and it certainly lacked the ‘bling’ and wow factor of some of the other big touring vans in the top-end price bracket, opting instead for more refined and understated styling. But you can’t do better than 52 years of unbroken experience by the same family builder. And, despite having less than five per cent of the new caravan market, Evernew among the top five per cent for ownership retention.

To put it another way, there is probably a greater percentage of all the 7000-8000 full-height caravans and pop-tops Evernew has built still touring Australia than those of any other brand. About 80 per cent of all Evernews are sold by word of mouth and about two thirds of those are bought by former Evernew owners.


The E1000is allows owners to pack 720kg of ‘stuff’, which, as well as carrying around 285kg of water in the van’s three separate 95L tanks, could include a generator, large and comfortable outdoor furniture, provisions, wine and so on.

At first glance, we thought the E1000is was a bit light on with just one LT265/75-16 spare wheel and tyre on its sturdy rear bumper. But a closer look underneath the chassis revealed a second identical spare wound up between the rails ahead of the tandem axles, with their 3500kg Cruisemaster XT trailing arm coil spring independent suspension and twin shock absorbers per wheel.

While you’re underneath, you’ll find all the essential components are well-shielded from stones and rocks, including the usually vulnerable PVC waste pipes from the kitchen and rear ensuite – something that regular CW readers will know I’m always banging on about.

However, the checkerplate stoneguard on the A-frame-mounted water tap had sharp edges that needed smoothing, as did the two front tunnel boots, which also needed restraining catches to hold them open in windy conditions.

Otherwise, the combination of the unobstructed and fully-lined galvanised steel tunnel boot, and the rectangular and similarly uncluttered checkerplate toolbox with its telescopic strut lid on the A-frame, swallow everything you might need to carry in order to set up the van for a long onsite stay.


The new decor almost makes you miss the key feature of the new E1000is – its space-saving layout. Rather than compromise its strength for rough-road travel by adding a slide-out bedroom or lounge extension, Evernew has turned the front queen-size island bed sideways and filled the entire front wall with a four-door mirrored robe with loads of drawer and hanging space. Not only does this allow owners to carry clothes for every occasion, but the mirrors reflect a lot of natural light from outside and create a much greater feeling of space inside the van.


The central galley, with its full nest of quality appliances – including a fan-forced oven – and good preparation space beside the stainless steel sink and drainer, is matched on the door side by a very comfortable leather-upholstered cafe-dinette that features a heavily bolstered L-shaped return for both its seats.

Footrests extend over the front drawers on the edge of each seat and leather-upholstered cushions are supplied to allow you to stretch out and relax. Certainly, the big 215L Waeco compressor fridge is large enough for long-term travel and entertaining.


The separate shower and toilet ensuite that spreads across the rear of the E1000is is also designed for long-term travel and, as well as a good-sized vanity with large mirrors, there is a large 4kg capacity Camec AquaRV front-loading washing machine in the centre, where it is easily accessed.


This is a great touring van that many owners will be delighted to live in for weeks or even months on end as they explore all parts of the country without fear of the roads they need to travel on to access them.

Everything about it shows the benefit of lessons learned over Evernew’s 52 years and it remains high on the list of vans to consider for the long haul.


I liked...

  • Overall package
  • Quality engineering
  • Great payload

I would have liked...

  • Stay on tunnel boot doors
  • Smoother finish on some sharp edges
  • Stronger footrests that you can sit on.


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