2014 BAV: Majestic Trailblazer

Philip Lord — 21 January 2015

There’s so much you’ll learn by casting an eye over the Majestic Trailblazer. It’ll change your mind about luxury vans. There are not too many vans like this on the Australian market.

Kitchen & Storage

For many, caravanning means hard-to-use cooking facilities in the same area as the sleeping quarters. But the Trailblazer not only has an internal kitchen but also an incredibly comprehensive external kitchen on the nearside rear, the likes of which we’ve never seen on a caravan.

The kitchen is recessed into the side of the van and is accessed by a large, top-hinged door. Inside, you’ll find a mountain of goodies, including a sink, slide-out Swift Slimline cooker, Waeco fridge, two above-bench cupboards, a double powerpoint and the mounting point for the LCD TV. There is a small amount of spare bench space next to the sink, but you could also use the adjacent picnic table for food prep.

Underneath the kitchen is a low-riding checkerplate storage box and, further towards the front of the van are two under-chassis battery boxes, a gas bayonet, and a full-width tunnel boot with large openings and a slide-out on the nearside, and a slide-out checkerplate storage box on the offside to allow easier access to stored items.

On the offside, there is another checkerplate locker flanking the lower side and two more battery boxes. On the offside, at the rear, is a sealed storage locker that looks ideal for generator storage. Just above this storage locker is the outdoor shower, while at the rear of the van the tubular bumper holds not one but two spare wheels.


There is so much room in here; it would put some household bathrooms to shame. While the room is an unusual shape, it offers a massive amount of practical space. A huge bank of cupboards on the nearside wall offer hanging space and storage shelves, complemented by the lockers above the vanity and one cupboard below.

The front-loader washing machine under the vanity unit, the Thetford cassette toilet on the offside wall and the separate shower cubicle complete the picture. This all works well, with perhaps the exception of the door to the ensuite – it appears to be an opaque glass, aluminium frame shower door that is perhaps too flimsy for the job as the main ensuite entrance door.


The Trailblazer is one mighty van – in more ways than one. It would be hard to think of another caravan that would get to the bush in one piece and then cosset you while you were there in the way that the Trailblazer could.

And if some of its interior ergonomics were slightly better, such as the tight dinette, and if the weight was reduced a little, it would be even better.

Measuring up

I liked...

  • External kitchen
  • Large ensuite and living area

I would have liked...

  • Stronger ensuite door
  • Lower Tare/higher payload

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Majestic Trailblazer Best Aussie Vans review


Nathan Jacobs