2014 Video Review: Option RV Distinction

MALCOLM STREET — 5 September 2014

The Distinction caravan by Option RV is just the kind of thing that will suit your short weekend trips as well as the longer drives.


  • Practical layout - functions well to accommodate more than 2 people
  • Includes all mod-con structures with high level finishes and detailing
  • Double glazed windows and additional safety features make it safe in all elements
  • Built on a 6x2" a frame, with a strong chassis 
  • Dinette Leather upholstery, even including under table footrests 
  • Well situated power points
  • Spacious kitchen 
  • 4 burner cook top and a good sized fridge
  • Storage is more than ample - even coming equipped a pull out pantry


On entry it has great dividers, which offer privacy in each of the sections where you require it. The bedroom and kitchen are not right in the entry point either so you don’t have to feel an particular area feeling exposed on entry.  

Great ventilation allows for a more enjoyable and relaxing inside area as it is often the case with some vans to become stuffy and cramped one inside. 

Weighing in at 2400 kgs - the Distinction is classed within the mid to large vehicle size. More suited to rough road travel and dirt tracks rather than any off road travel routes.

The verdict

Although not considered a budget van, costing around $68,00 and falling within the mid-range caravan price - this is a good value for money option and it  will serve exceptionally well in any touring situation.


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Option RV Distinction Video Review Option RV Distinction video review

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