2014 Video Review: Coromal Atlas

MALCOLM STREET — 5 September 2014

Just like its title suggests the Coromal Atlas can cover your needs as a pop top caravan, this is a reliable and easy to tow unit, that will suit an experienced or novice caravaner.

 The main benefits that come along with purchasing a Coromal, include their renowned safety features; offering stability, reinforced construction techniques and an overall, easy to control van, that's made to go the extra mile. 

Although not an off road van, it is best surfaced on sealed road trips. 


  • Even load capacity; fitting well behind a wide range of vehicle sizes
  • Full size bathroom - not common in other pop top style
  • Simple yet effective layout, bedroom in the front, with a mid-kitchen and dinette and finally the bathroom.
  • Spacious kitchen for a pop top format - with all utensils, including the microwave located at a user friendly height.
  • An L shaped dinette provides plenty of comfort for 2 people and provides a good amount of bench space to dine on.
  • The air conditioner - an added addition to this neat little structure. Providing the ideal cool comfort and warmth, a great asset in terms of seasonal travel.

The verdict

Falling into the quite affordable price range of just under $52,000, this Atlas offers a very nice little package. It’s great value for money, in return offering a sturdy, safe product.


Coromal Atlas Video Review Coromal Atlas review video