2014 Video Review: Avan

Max Taylor — 8 September 2014

Initially discouraged from building the now iconic 'A' shaped caravan, Avan and their unique design style is now widely recognised and loved by many throughout the caravanning community. 

With around 17,000 of these recognisable style van's on Australian roads; many an Aussie family would be able to know what you were referring to if you mentioned the name Avan. 

 The size and shape may allow for an interesting ride if you're on the taller side, for the large majority of users it is a comfortable and spacious vehicle. It includes a generous level of storage that would rival a van up to 3 times as large, which is very nice surprise when you think of most modern caravans.

Another great feature of the Adventure plus package range is the great added gear that comes within. 


  • Independent coil suspension
  • Steel rear bumper that welded to the back chassis providing a strong arrangement.
  • A hollow gap with the rear bumper now can provide a place to house fishing rods or any exterior essentials you may need along your trip.
  • 3 Different types of van 

    • A-liner
    • Cruise liner 
    • Sport liner
  • It's an ideal purchase for families or people who are looking to spend more time outside rather than inside a van. 
  • Internal height is generous and not an issue as could be thought.
  • Nifty little features also include an lockable infill table, that can become an extra bed for the little ones if need be.

 Offering lots of creature comforts this van is comfortable caravanning to a tee, and can fit more than most people think. With plenty of ingenious methods for using the limited space well. And with roughly 2.5 meters from the floor to the top of the a-pex, headspace is not an issue.

The areas where is it lower are in sections of the van where you recline and naturally lie down.


The Verdict

Our CW Editor Max Taylor, who reviewed the Adventure Cruise liner Avan indicates that the AVAN provides a great cosy feel, and suits people who want a compact organised way of travelling.


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