2014 Video Review: Jet Stealth

Malcolm Street — 6 August 2014

Jet Caravans is a small Brisbane-based manufacturer. The company entered the market a few years ago via the related business of manufacturing portable buildings. Jet didn’t just add a chassis and set of wheels to its existing products, but rather set about delivering a boutique line of caravans.

Family van

For the most part, Jet has concentrated on two-berth caravans but one of its staff members with a family was keen to hit the road, so it seemed reasonable to build a family van.

Internal layout

While it has some obvious differences to a two-berth van, the Jet Stealth’s family layout is still very similar to Jet’s previous vans. When you step into the van through the front entry door, there’s an island bed to the left, a (larger than usual) dinette to the right and a kitchen bench along the offside wall. But it’s at the rear of the van where things start to change. In a separate bedroom, two bunk beds line the offside wall and a bathroom fills the opposite side.


Because this is a family van it has a full sized fridge and cooktop and oven. The L-shaped dinette sits 2 or 3 people with comfort, but there's room on the other side for extra seats when required. One of the great characteristics of this caravan is there is plenty of storage, as well as boots and external space, inside there are cupboards and overhead lockers for all the baggage that families need to bring with them on long trips. Another handy feature is the open shelves above the dinette, which are great when you're staying in one place for any length of time and need space to store items.

The verdict

Although this is a family caravan, at $82,000 it is clearly not priced towards a family on a budget. That said, it does fill a niche in the market for younger professionals with a family who want a bit of time out. It will also suit grandparents who like to take their grandchildren away on a regular basis – it’s a very comfortable van for two but will suit four without difficulty. The Jet Stealth’s body construction and external finish also sets it apart from the crowd.

Jet Caravans builds a quality product and this is family van is certainly a useful addition to its range.

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