Sea Breeze Custom 24

Mike Pavey — 22 July 2014

Sea-Breeze Custom 24 highlights

  • 7.5m (24ft 7in) all-terrain touring van
  • Control Rider independent coil suspension
  • Rear bedroom and bathroom layout
  • Custom build

Sea-Breeze Custom 24 specifications

From the outside, at 9.4m end to end, the Sea-Breeze Custom 24 is a substantial rig. It differentiates itself from most other all-terrain rigs with the use of composite panel rather than checkerplate for the lower body. The result is an understated elegance that works well.

Up front, a substantial 6in DuraGal drawbar takes care of business and runs all the way back to the suspension mounts. The drawbar supports twin 9kg gas cylinders and a sullage hose tray between the rails, with a standard 50mm ball coupling, handbrake, Anderson plug, removable jockey wheel and mains tap completing the drawbar fittings.

Control Rider independent coil suspension with shockers dampens out the corrugations, while 12in brakes manage stopping duties. Three shielded 82L water tanks are fitted: two supply fresh water while a third collects grey water during free-camping, allowing you to dump it later at a suitable facility.


Back up at body level, a front boot hides some of the electricals, including the fuse blocks, solar controller and the 240V multi-stage charger. There is room for miscellaneous items, chairs and a small table. On the nearside, a front hatch hides a tunnel boot. A slide-out 1500x300mm box solves the traditional problem of access to this area and a second adjacent compartment with slide-out tray works well for a low profile barbecue, particularly with the nearby gas bayonet. On the offside, another slide-out tray accommodates the battery in the opposite end of the tunnel boot. Further back is another handy storage compartment, this time hiding a 1500x450mm slide-out drawer and adjacent storage area, which is also accessible from under the bed. Easy, accessible storage is one of the highlights of this van.

Interior layout

The Sea-Breeze Custom 24 has been kitted with a modern interior with gloss cabinets presented in natural tones, blending well with the other furnishings.

The floorplan is as per the customer’s requirements. A large wrap-around leather lounge and swivel table sit at the front of the van. The seat bases score extra lateral support under the legs and the table can drop to accommodate an infill cushion for when the grandkids tag along. Large windows create a welcome sense of space.


The kitchen fills the mid section of the van, with the sink and draining area on the nearside and the stove/griller, microwave and fridge on the offside, both with full height splashbacks. There is plenty of bench space and storage in cupboards and drawers, both beneath the bench and overhead. Refrigeration is courtesy of a 184L three-way fridge/freezer.


Step up into the bedroom suite. The step alleviates the tight clearances around the bed normally caused by intruding wheel arches, yielding clear access around the base of the bed, which is positioned east-west. The nearside window provides expansive views to the world outside. It is a similar outcome at the head of the bed, where a long narrow window spills in plenty of light. For taller folk, the roof can be raised to the height of the air-conditioner which is mounted to the roof in front of the bedroom suite. Also up top, 150W of solar helps to keep the battery up to charge, with the van pre-wired for a second panel.

The queen-size innerspring mattress is nestled comfortably in the bedroom suite, surrounded by drawers, mirrored wardrobes and overhead storage, supplemented by additional storage at the foot of the bed, with corner wardrobes from floor to ceiling.


Like the rest of the van, the ensuite is completely functional, with a large 900x720mm fully-sealed shower cabinet and a well-positioned basin and cabinetry, which make the best use of the available space. A washing machine is mounted next to the cassette toilet, with access from both the side and top.

The verdict

The stand outs are the zoned living areas, easy-access storage, and the sense of real space brought about by those few extra feet in length and extra-large windows. It’s a delight to prepare a meal in a caravan kitchen without feeling restrained by the lack of genuine bench space. And then there’s the van’s generous payload, allowing you to safely and legally carry full tanks of water if you choose to, plus your usual touring load. In this case, it is hard to deny that bigger is better.

I liked

  • ‘Zoned’ layout
  • Sense of space
  • Interior design and featured colours
  • Easy, accessible external storage
  • Value for money

I would have liked

  • Better quality drawer runners
  • An improved quality of finish in some areas 

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