2014 Video Review: Vintage 1975 Jayco SD

John 'Bear' Willis — 6 March 2014

Jayco knows a lot about caravans and camper trailers. The company has been building campers since 1975 when it had only 10 staff. This camper trailer, made in 1975, was one of the first off the line.


This camper has two push-out beds, one at each end, after the roof has been wound up.

Once that’s done, you have a camper which sleeps four people, two at each end. It’s a lightweight tow and has a modest road travel length.


If you zip down the walls near the bed, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature. While the camper only has a modest two-burner stove, it does actually have more benchspace than many luxury caravans.


Sitting alongside the vintage camper during our photo and videoshoot was Jayco’s new flagship caravan, the Silverline, which replaces the beloved old Sterling.

The Silverline is the pride of the Jayco fleet and, while it’s worlds away from the first camper, it shares some concepts and ideas – most notably, being an economical way for people to get out and explore Australia.



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