Would you pay to visit friends at a caravan park?

Caravan World — 21 December 2016

Recently, we had some friends pull into a caravan park for a few days at Rollingstone, Qld, just north of Townsville where we reside.

So we pack the lunch esky and head north to visit and catch up. You know, have a yack, a quiet cuppa, something to eat, possibly even meet new friends, have a look at the park generally to pass on to other travellers..

Upon arrival at the park, we were requested to pay $5 per head for myself and the missus for the privilege of visiting one of their clients (our mates) who are paying for a caravan site.

Upon my elaborate “Gosh, surely you are kidding?”, I got the spiel from the manager: “That the fee is primarily for the insurance costs and use of park facilities”.

And the upside was, if we departed within the hour, we would get our $5 per head refunded.

I removed my membership card for this big group of caravan parks, and nope, I still have to pay full tote, and no discount, either. I explained that we even had our own camp chairs to use. Still no joy. Pay up or be on our way.

Now, even I can understand that if you are a local just wanting to use the swimming pool, jumping mattress, barbecue, perhaps even play on the grass, then a $5 fee per head is probably reasonable.

However, when friends are paying for a site, and they want to have some visitors over for lunch, coffee and a yack, a $5 per head fee is absolute bovine style manure (and I explained same to the manager).

No joy. Back in the car, and leave we did. Called our friend from the office first to explain why we were so close and yet so far away just to catch up for lunch. The Rollingstone rubbity dub 2km down the road did well, though. We all met up, and had a very enjoyable lunch.

**Would you pay to visit friends staying in a caravan park, just for a few hours? Tell us below!


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