Christmas in a caravan park

Claudia Bouma — 12 December 2016

Christmas conjures up images of families getting together, massive amounts of food, a house full of colourful decorations and, last but not least, mountains of presents.

But what does this festive season look like when you’re far away from home, living in a caravan with limited space yet still wanting to make Christmas into something special?


Well, let’s look at the positive side - you’re not the only one on the road as the number of people travelling Australia grows every year. And let’s consider the true meaning of Christmas, which is not a fancy meal or expensive presents. Christmas is about sharing, kindness and true love. This means Christmas can be celebrated anywhere, with anyone and can be special regardless of what people say you should have, or do, at Christmas.

This is the perfect opportunity to organise a Christmas dinner and invite your travelling neighbours - even if all you just throw a couple of sausages on the Weber and add an easy-to-throw-together salad. They’ll likely be friends after a couple of hours sharing a simple but good meal. And isn’t this what Christmas is about?


Maybe you’re the big crowd type and you’re keen to get a bunch of people together? Why not throw the invitation wider to other travellers and have each family or couple bring something to contribute to a Christmas meal? The added bonus is that you might discover new meals which you might want to try yourself. And you’ll undoubtedly have a good time which you’ll remember for many years to come.


Christmas isn’t really about presents but some of us do enjoy getting something, even if it’s little. You could play a unique version of Kris Kringle where each person buys a small present – say no more than $10 – and you come up with a creative way of deciding how to distribute the gifts. It is fun, interactive and it doesn’t have to be expensive.


The more creative souls among us might want to organise special Christmas activities, especially if you have kids. It’s quite easy to make your own Christmas decorations and kids love creating all sorts of unique things. Turn your van into a colourful Christmas décor without breaking the budget.

Baking biscuits is another favourite with children and these can be turned into gifts as well. Place a couple of biscuits in a special gift bag and hand them out to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.


For some, focussing on the birth of the real meaning of Christmas is important so why not get together with like-minded souls and sing Christmas carols? Most towns organise a special Christmas service which you might want to attend.

Your own family might be far away but with so many cheap and easy ways to connect online, you can at least wish them a wonderful Christmas and let them know you’re thinking of them.

Really, Christmas can be celebrated anywhere, in many different ways and with lots of different people. Ultimately, Christmas is not about getting but giving and we can find plenty of ways to let others know they’re special.










Christmas caravan park