Caravan park check in times

Caravan World — 19 December 2016

Whatever happened to the 2pm check-in?

Once upon a time, everybody knew that they must check out by 10am, and that they could not check in before 2pm. 

Over the years, roofed accommodation has mostly retained its 2pm check-in time, however, caravanners seem to be checking in earlier and earlier. Why is this so? Do caravanners ever consider the implications for park staff?

Many parks are run by a couple whereby Mr typically cleans the amenities and maintains the grounds, while Ms is responsible for reception, cleaning accommodation units and maybe also doing the laundry.

 Between 10am and midday has traditionally been the window of opportunity when reception can be closed while the cleaning happens. 

Unbeknownst to the early arrivees, there might be four or five cabins to be cleaned by 2pm and each one can take 45 minutes or more, with laundry being attended to simultaneously.

It can be quite stressful ensuring the accommodation is ready on time - especially when there are frequent interruptions from caravanners expecting to check in sporadically throughout the morning. 

Each interruption wastes valuable time, returning to the office to allocate the site, take payment, discuss the weather and local attractions. This causes great loss of continuity for the task at hand, and it becomes difficult to remain politely pleasant with the check-in deadlines looming.

So next time you’re considering rolling into the next park before midday, why not take some time to smell the roses along the way? Visit a waterfall or a winery or some other attraction, and enjoy a relaxing coffee and a stroll through the local CBD while you give that Ms Park Jill-of-all Trades time to do her cleaning. There will still be a site for you. Book ahead if you’re worried about missing out.

Then we can all live happily ever after!

*Tell us below: should check-in times be more strictly enforced, or should vanners have the freedom to arrive when they please? Tell us below!


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