What time do you hit the road each morning?

Tony Allsop — 5 June 2015

For Denyse and myself, we tend to rise after the 6am news and drive out of the site about 7.30am. We like to drive for a few hours with a smoko stop and be set up at our new site around lunchtime, preferably before. In busy times, this gives the best choice of site, both in parks and off-road camps.

If driving in the west where roos and emus are a problem on the road, particularly if driving east into the sun, we take it easy for the first hour or two. Fortunately, these roads tend to have less traffic and driving more slowly allows you to spot birds that are active in the early morning.

However, there is a distinct group of vanners who love to sleep in and never check out before 10am. They are often rolling up cords and hoses after the park's official check out time. This means that they arrive much later and drive in the hot part of the day when conditions are more trying.

Most caravanners like to set sensible distances for a day's travel. Even those who leave very late arrive before dark. Driving in the dark in western areas is very problematic with more trucks on the road, and cattle lying on the road to keep warm.

What is your preferred departure time?


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Denyse Allsop