A call for caravanners to visit the drought stricken areas

Tony Allsop — 4 May 2015

We have just driven from Blackall through Isisford to Ilfracombe and Longreach to write a travel story for Caravan World.

It is obvious that these towns and their people are really suffering in the drought conditions which have persisted for several years. Shops are closing and families are leaving, which is very sad to see when these towns have withstood everything nature has thrown at them for over a century.

In the past, we have urged caravanners to visit areas recovering from natural disasters like bush fires and cyclones to help get them back on their feet again.

This time, we urge you to include the drought areas in your travel plans during the drought. The money you spend on fuel, groceries and odds and ends will help these small towns survive till the rains come.

Don't stay away because you feel that you will be using their precious water, just be frugal with the amount of water you use and don't waste any. The income you generate will be very valuable.

You will be welcomed by the stoical people who live in these areas.


caravanning drought Blackall Isisford Ilfracombe Longreach


Denyse Allsop