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Tony Allsop — 12 November 2014

Those campervans with a sliding side door are known to most caravanners as 'whizz bangs', for a very obvious reason.

We try to pick a spot in a van park away from them, as they wake us up late at night opening and closing the door. I find that young travellers from overseas are the worst, as they tend to keep very late hours and often don't seem to consider their neighbours.  Fortunately the older generation of 'whizz-bangers' do seem to be more caring and try to shut the side door more slowly and gently. Is there a way of solving this problem?

Yes, there is. Fraser Coast Top Tourist Park in Hervey Bay has a special section for 'whizz bangs', and it is on the opposite side of the park from most of the caravan and motorhome sites. These small vans can fit on smaller sites, so the park can fit extra sites in an area dedicated just to them.

There may be other parks that have the same policy, and I would like to know of any that our readers can tell us about.

Some parks allow guests to park where they choose, and segregating 'whizz bangs’ would take that freedom away from them, which could cause some dissatisfaction.

So, do these campers annoy you? Should there be a special section set aside for them? Are you happy to set up beside or between a couple of whizz bangs?


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Tony Allsop