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Steve Farmer — 18 January 2019

Do you need another reason to hit the road?  I’m guessing you probably don’t, but what about something to enrich your travels even more? Something that will allow you to really experience and understand what makes a region and its people unique and special.

I’m talking about festivals.  Most towns or regions have at least one each year.  It’s a chance for the locals to showcase all that’s good and special about their community and, more than likely, kick up their heels a little at the same time.

What's On

The great thing about festivals is that there is that they cater for all tastes.  There are music, harvest, cultural, food, dance, car, boat, kite and arts festivals to name a few. Go to or and you’re bound to find a few that interest you and could be incorporated into your travel plans.

My wife and I happened to be in Innisfail in North Queensland last year when the Feast of the Senses festival was on and really enjoyed this amazing celebration.

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Feast of the Senses festival, Queensland

More than 150 different varieties of fruit are grown in Tropical North Queensland, many of them in the Cassowary Coast region. While the festival celebrates an amazing variety of foods from this multicultural community, the tropical fruits are the centrepiece of the celebrations. Rambutan, mangosteens, dragon fruit, jackfruit, pomelo and durians are just a few of the fruits that many people may not have even heard of, let alone tasted fresh from the tree. The Feast of the Senses is an opportunity to see, touch and taste the region’s amazing produce.

When is the food festival?

The festival runs over about ten days at the end of March and includes a variety of events, all worthwhile attending. There’s the Gala Dinner held in the magnificent old Shire Hall, an International Food Fare, a tasting tour to some of the exotic fruit farms in the district, a Bush Poetry Breakfast and outrigger canoe races on the beautiful Johnstone River which flows through town. The festival culminates in a Market Day in the centre of town where fruits, foods and art works from throughout the district can be tasted and admired.

For a small town festival I reckon Innisfail’s Feast of the Senses would be hard to beat, but there are dozens of festivals that are worth factoring into your travel plans.  They offer a rare opportunity to learn what the district is all about and to meet and party with the locals.

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Your say: Have you got a favourite festival you attend each year? Or what about a great one you stumbled upon while you were on the road? Tell us about what made it so special. Tweet us @caravanworld or comment below...       

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