TONY ALLSOP — 29 April 2014

I'm sitting in our caravan at Stanthorpe in Queensland and it is pouring outside. In fact it has been raining for the past five days, and a severe weather warning has been issued for flooding rains over a huge area including Stanthorpe. We're still in the wet season and this weather system has affected the whole of the east coast of Australia.

Denyse and I are writing a travel story and shooting a video for Caravan World on the Stanthorpe area, and we are fortunate to have taken most of our pics and video over the first two days when it was sunny and 30 degrees.

We have been watching the RVs come and go, but with the severe weather warning issued for the local area, the van park, appropriately named Top of the Town, has suddenly filled: not good weather for free camping.

Rainy day activities

It is too wet (for us anyway) to go visiting the orchards, wineries, Storm King Dam or the National Parks, so what do travellers do? Some we notice just sit under their awnings and watch their neighbours walk up to the amenities, others may visit their neighbours, while TV seems a popular choice. Others play cards or video games.

We make the most of the town shops. It's a good opportunity to sample the local pies (I only had one Denyse, honest) do a bit of shopping and spend time at 'Crazy Clarkes' and other cheap shops. We always seem to buy something we don't need.

It's too wet and windy to go for a walk: this rain isn't like the warm tropical rain that we are used to, and getting too wet chills you to the bone. Also, we just don't need any more wet clothes hanging in the van, along with the damp towels.

Your Say: What do you do over the course of a solid week's rain? We'd love to get some original suggestions here. Tweet us @caravanworld or comment below...

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