Caravan World — 29 November 2013

Readers may be aware Denyse and I recently purchased a new Ford Territory Titanium. We were told by the sales girl and the sales manager that the in-car GPS had both speed cameras and red light camera technology fitted. It hasn’t.

The GPS has inaccurate (eg 'turn left' when no road exists) and outdated maps, and is not user-friendly, at least not to us, as we are used to a Tom Tom or Garmin. The speed zones are often incorrect, which causes frequent reminders about speeding when we are not.

We have just had our first 3000 km service and enquired about updating our in-car GPS. We were given a quote of $374! Our invoice states “Ford has released a new update for the SAT NAV, quote 5342B $374.80”.

I can buy a Tom Tom for half that, with red light and speed camera alerts, including lifetime free updates and with a guarantee of the latest maps for six months.

We feel that this should be included at no cost, as our vehicle is only three months old, and the GPS was far outdated when we purchased the vehicle. The alternative is being able to log on and update it ourselves.

Your say: Do you have an in-car GPS? Do you feel it’s as user-friendly as the popular brands? Do you have to pay for expensive updates?


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Caravan Staff