LIONEL MUSSELL — 11 October 2013

If you ever travel alone like me, I’m betting you become very frustrated when shopping for one!

Chops, steak, chicken portions and cutlets are always packed in multiples of two or more and, if you have a little freezer, it’s hard to store a selection of frozen things.

At least the deli counter allows you to choose how much you want of items, but move to the bakery and try to find a small loaf or individual slices and you’ll come out empty-handed. How do you stop a loaf going mouldy in the tropics when you have so little room in the fridge?

It’s about time the supermarkets realised there are literally thousands of solo travellers and there’s money to be made from us if they start catering for our needs.

Same goes for parks. Some offer a singles discount, but there aren’t many of them — the rest are quick enough to charge more if you happen to have an extra person travelling with you but of course they wouldn’t dream of reducing fees for just one person.

Do they realise that a single aged pension is much less than for a couple? It’s no wonder many of us prefer staying in budget caravan parks or rest areas without the TV rooms and jumping castles. At least in national parks you’re only charged on a per person rate – and that’s fair in my opinion.

I recently did a fabulous Pacific cruise – but I had to pay extra to get single accommodation as I’m fussy who I share a room with. It wasn’t a small amount either!

Are there any rich, generous, and beautiful single ladies with a keen sense of humour out there who want to share a cabin with me next time? Or even come travelling in Yemmy?

Having said all that, if only life at least got better at the meat counter — we could buy four chops and be happy.

YOUR SAY: Are you a solo traveller? How do you find parks, accommodation and shopping? What are your solo-travel tips?


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