Susan and Keith Hall — 19 July 2013

Here is a caravan trivia question for you: Which church in Australia has a stained glass window that includes a picture of a caravan?

You can see the church and the caravan window above, but where do you think it is located? Of course, we’re not going to just tell you the answer – we’ll give you some clues, so you can work out the answer for yourself.

Firstly, the window is in a place that we visited earlier this year. That may not sound like much of a clue, but we also wrote a magazine article about the town, which was published in the May issue of Caravan World magazine. So it is a clue really.

Secondly, as you may have guessed from the photos, the church is actually a cathedral. As a further hint, we’ll add that the cathedral is located in a capital city, not in a country town.

The list of possible locations is getting quite small now, but here is one more clue in case you still haven’t guessed the answer. The city in question has an important place in Australian caravanning history. Most of the famous caravan manufacturers of the 1950s and 60s were located there.

So what’s the answer?

The stained glass window is in St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide, SA. The picture in the window depicts the various missionary activities of the church in the outback, and includes images of planes and boats as well as the caravan.

YOUR SAY: What’s the strangest or most interesting place you’ve ever seen some caravan artwork? Have you ever been gobsmacked after seeing a caravan “representation” (as compared to an actual caravan)?

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