Caravan World — 24 May 2013

Do you travel with kids? If so you’ll know the joys and pleasures of sharing life on the open road with your children or grandchildren. I don’t have to tell you it’s a great way to travel and makes for truly memorable family holidays. However, there are bound to be some memories of caravan park life with the billy lids which will have you grinning (or cringing) with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment.

Of course these memorable moments usually take place in the amenities block within easy earshot of a packed house of other RVers, desperately trying to stifle their giggles behind the closed doors of the other cubicles.

I recall taking my young son for a shower one night and he literally did not stop talking the whole time. I reckon he was breathing through his ears because he didn’t once stop to draw breath. Fortunately I can’t remember what embarrassing questions he asked me, but as we left the showers I noticed an old bloke attempting to shave at the nearby basins. I say “attempting” because he was laughing that much that putting the razor too close to his chuckling cheeks would probably have resulted in a mortal injury. Eventually he stopped laughing momentarily and waved his razor towards young Matt. “He’ll make a good politician one day” he assured me and attempted to go back to his shaving.

My wife can recount an even more embarrassing moment involving a missing two-year-old and a near-streak through the caravan park.

She had taken our daughter for a shower and with Simone scrubbed clean, Carmel turned her attention to washing her own hair. With eyes closed against the stinging shampoo my wife didn’t realise Simone had managed to reach the latch, opening the door and doing a runner. Carmel eventually washed the shampoo from her hair, opened her eyes and realised she was standing there alone, with the cubicle door wide open.

Maternal instinct kicked her into panic mode, but fortunately she grabbed a towel to wrap around herself and maintain a little modesty before rocketing out into the caravan park in search of our missing two-year-old. She quickly found Simone nearby, but I’m sure Carmel was the talk of the park for quite some time. Needless to say there were some hard and fast rules about door latches after that.

YOUR SAY: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you because of on the road?

Share your funny and embarrassing yarns about your family RV trips. It’s good therapy and you may be able to get even with your kids for all the embarrassing moments they’ve given you over the years.


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