Susan and Keith Hall — 8 February 2013

When people talk about the romance of caravanning, they are generally referring to the nostalgic, old-fashioned holiday aspect of caravanning. The romance they have in mind is the mysterious appeal of the past, like in a historical romance. It’s where boring, everyday existence turns into something larger than life 

But when Debbie and Simon Mack of Perth, WA, mention the romantic side of caravanning, they really are referring to romance of the boy-meets-girl variety.

In the 1970s, both their sets of parents were members of one of WA’s oldest caravan clubs – the Bitone Caravan Club. So Debbie and Simon met and played together as kids while they were on family caravanning holidays with the caravan club.

Eventually, they were infected with the romance of caravanning and got married – to each other. They are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary this month and still enjoy family holidays in their van.

We ran into them in a caravan park recently, holidaying with their teenage children in a 2012 Rambler Golden Eagle caravan. They are very happy with their new caravan which is the largest they have owned. But they also have happy memories of family holidays in a Jayco Swan when the children were younger, including a trip across the Nullarbor.

Now they are members of another family oriented caravan club, so maybe their teenage children will find their future partners in the caravanning community.

So when you hitch up your rig, remember that caravanning can be a very romantic occupation – in more ways than one.

YOUR SAY: Have you come across any good caravan romances?


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Susan and Keith Hall