Caravan Parks, all work and no play?

Tony Allsop — 12 December 2012

I recently contacted one of our home town’s major caravan parks, as I intended to feature them in a travel story, but I was told they are now concentrating on accommodating workers. As a result, it will mean fewer sites will be available for RVers through the next touring season. Not only that, but they stopped the popular sausage sizzles, morning teas and other entertainment put on for travellers, meaning
it will be much less pleasant for RVers to stay in the park.

Have you noticed an increase in the number of parks with an influx of workers in the last couple of years? I know there are many more.

I’ve been told that caravan parks have to allocate a percentage of their sites to travellers, so that they are not classed as ‘workers' camps’ by the local authority.

But I feel that the lifestyles of these workers (most of whom are young) and RVers are not very compatible. The parks with large numbers of workers that we have stayed in do not have the same atmosphere as a true tourist park. We have been woken by workers coming and going at all hours and there is often noise late into the evening.

When you book into a park that you have enjoyed staying at previously, and arrive to find it full of workers, it is very disappointing. It is often too late to start looking for another park, particularly in the busy tourist season.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you come across any workers parks in your travels? Can workers and tourists happily co-exist in van parks?


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