Caravan World — 22 September 2012

I WAS FORUNATE recently to do a trip that took in Horn and Thursday Islands in the Torres Strait and then back down Cape York by 4WD bus.

A fabulous trip!

However, the splendour of those pristine places was a little marred by the signs of man’s thoughtlessness, in the shape of discarded cans and other garbage. Sure, you get thirsty tramping through the bush. But if it wasn’t too heavy to carry in full, what makes it difficult to carry out and dispose of properly when it’s empty?

The same goes for cigarette butts, but at least they degrade over time. Cans are there for an incredibly long time. Wrappers and lolly papers are another eyesore. It raises my blood pressure when I see them scattered in places of beauty.

A FEW YEARS ago, when I visited Ormiston Gorge in the West McDonnell Ranges, I was pleased to see a short walk the Rangers had made where you were asked to spot and list things that don’t appear naturally in the bush. It was an eye opener and very educational. It was a while ago now, but I believe there were at least twenty ‘foreign’ items in a very small area.

Doing a trip along the Newell and other major routes can be sickening when you see all the cans and stubbies thrown out of the windows of passing cars.

What is it with these people? I wonder if their homes are the same?

WORDS Lionel Mussell
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