Caravan World — 7 July 2012

RECENTLY, WHILE ON tour and in Atherton, Qld, we had our new camera bag stolen. It contained batteries, SD cards and other accessories, meaning we could not use our DSLR camera to take images for our CW story. Fortunately, though,
we still had our camera.

Knowing it was a recently released model, and parts were not available locally or in Cairns, we phoned Elias Daher at Sony Centre, Brisbane. Sony had the required accessories in stock and put them in an Express Post bag, getting them away that night. They arrived in Atherton the next day.

To make things even better, he gave us a very good price and included the freight. This was not a special deal, as Elias told me they usually include freight when they can, and supply retail all over Australia. You can imagine our relief when our equipment arrived the very next day.

AT THE SAME TIME, our caravan's external 12V light packed up, as did our outside/inside thermometer (they say bad things come in threes).

I called ACE Auto Electrical in Atherton and a gentleman came out to the caravan park on the way home from work. As well as replacing the old incandescent light with an LED light and fitting, he also found the fault in the thermometer cable, and cut and joined it. This was at an all-up cost of $50. I was amazed at this price and service in a small town.

We left Atherton feeling very happy, even after three events that caused us some grief. Have you had excellent service like this while on tour? We find it makes a huge difference.

Written exclusively for Caravan World online


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