Caravan World — 5 May 2012

MANY CARAVAN PARKS these days state that their preferred method of booking accommodation or a powered site is by email.

Obviously this is good from their point of view as they can check their emails when it is convenient for them. But what if they don’t reply?

Recently I have emailed two parks requesting a powered site for our forthcoming trip. Two days have gone past and I have not had a reply. On other occasions I have emailed during the day to reserve a powered site for the following night, but when I have arrived late the following morning, management have not read the email, let alone replied to it. Fortunately for me, a site was available, but what if they had been booked out?

On the other hand, we have had great service from some van parks who replied straight back with a pleasant and welcoming email.

As we check our emails several times a day, it is pretty easy for us to email a van park rather than spend dollars phoning. These days, many popular van parks are booked out
during the tourist season, so we prefer to book at least one day ahead. We almost always know where we are going to stay the following night, be it in a free camp, a national park or a caravan park.

Most national parks in Qld now require you to book a site, either by email or phone, rather than just turn up and register. This isn't always convenient, with the vagaries of mobile phone and broadband reception. I remember paying $13 for the mobile phone call to book a $6.60 site at Tinaroo a few years ago when I was unable to log onto the internet.

How have email and phone bookings worked for you on your travels? Have your say below.

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