Road signs for caravans inadequate

Tony Allsop — 6 August 2011

HAVE YOU EVER been frustrated by the lack of mileage or suitability for caravans on road signs?

Often, we cometo a road sign pointing to a lookout or place of interest, but the sign has nodistance guide, and does not tell you if the road is suitable to turn a caravan around,or even whether there is enough room to park it.

Last year afriend of ours went, on our recommendation, to see the old town of Newcastle Waters in theNT. He was towing his van, and I told him there was plenty of room to park andturn around.

What theroad sign did not say was that the causeway was flooded and you couldnot get through. Poor Johnended up having to reverse his van a long, long way.

We took aturn down to a beautiful camping area near Gympie in Qld. The sign told usnothing other than pointing out the dirt road. There were two ways to get tothis camp. Unfortunately, we were on the 4WD track in. Yes, we managed to makeit, but it was a bit stressful when we could not turn around and did not knowhow much further we had to go.

Anotherexample is the grotto near Wyndham in far north WA. The roadsign told us nothing, although we had heard the road was fine for vans. Wetook our van up but there were a number of vehicles there, so we could notturn around, or in fact leave our van, until some others had left.

A simple sign denoting how RV friendly the area ahead is would suffice. Surely state governments or local tourismbodies could set this up without too much bother.

Share your experiences below.


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Tony Allsop