Saturday Spotlight: Little Wonder

Susan & Keith Hall — 18 September 2010

People always smile when they see Jim and Hellen Selkirk’s vintage campervan. Not only is it nostalgically retro, but it is smaller than most modern four-cylinder cars. The camper is a 1960s British made Dormobile and is built into a tiny Bedford panel van, which is basically the same as the Vauxhall Vivas of that time.

Amazingly, this ultra compact camper can sleep three adults at a pinch. Two can sleep on a double bed which folds out to cover much of the floor area. One more can sleep on a stretcher bed up top, which rolls out like a Holland blind.

Although the engine is only 1280cc, Jim and Hellen have done some serious travelling in their little Dormobile. Earlier this year they drove it from Perth to Clare, SA to attend the Vauxhall National Rally.

  • Susan and Keith Hall are regular contributors to Caravan World magazine. 


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