Saturday Spotlight: Table Service

Susan & Keith Hall — 31 July 2010

Many caravans make little use of the empty space beneath the dining table. You put your legs there when you eat, and maybe stow a box down there between your feet, but that’s about all. However in the 1950s, some caravan manufacturers made good use of that wasted space.

This 1956 Flynn caravan has a cream interior with cheerful red kitchen work surfaces and dining table. But there is more to the table than first meets the eye. If you look underneath it, you will find a small drawer which slides out from the end of the table.

That is the cutlery drawer, so Flynn users don’t have to leave the table when they want a sharp knife or a corkscrew. It’s enough to make you wonder why all tables don’t have little drawers for cutlery, small crockery, table napkins, and so on.

  • Susan and Keith Hall are regular contributors to Caravan World magazine. 


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