Saturday Spotlight: Open and Clothes

Susan & Keith Hall — 3 July 2010

Sixty years ago, most caravans were relatively small by modern standards. So their designers had some very clever ideas on how to get the most out of the limited space available.

Take this rounded 1950 Don with its iconic FX Holden tow car, for example. The vintage caravan is only 10ft long and the tiny wardrobe is barely a foot deep. Yet you can fit a lot of clothes in there, and still get them out very easily.

That’s because the rail for the clothes hangers is telescopic. It slides out so you can get to the clothes easily, and folds in compactly for storage. Now there’s a good idea for the modern DIY enthusiast pondering how to take more clothes along on future trips.

  • Susan and Keith Hall are regular contributors to Caravan World magazine. 


Vintage vans Susan and Keith Hall 1950