Saturday Spotlight: Steve and Linda's 4WD trail

Steve Miller & Linda Rathburn — 19 June 2010

Central Qld’s Winton is the southern point in a triangle of towns known as Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. For dino-lovers with an AWD or 4WD and a day to spare, there is the amazing Lark Quarry Conservation Park about 110km south of town. Lark Quarry is tucked into jump-up country, and about 95 million years ago, there was a dinosaur stampede at a billabong.

The dinos, ranging from small to small-eating, left over 3,300 footprints in the mud and there they remained until a pastoralist found them not so long ago. The footprints were excavated by paleontologists who interpreted the dramatic event, and they are now housed in a building that looks like an airplane hanger inserted into a hillside.

Daily (guided only) tours are available, for bookings and more information visit

  • Writer Linda Lee Rathbun and photographer Steven David Miller have spent 20 years 4WDing Australia. David and Linda produced the content for Gregory's 4WD Australia - 50 short getaways.


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