Saturday Spotlight: New Wave(s)

Susan & Keith Hall — 29 May 2010

Everyone loves teardrop caravans, with their compact size and distinctive rear hatch which opens to reveal an open-air kitchen. Even recently built teardrops seem to recapture the nostalgia of caravanning in the 1950s and 60s. But sometimes they have a few hidden extras.

Take this retro teardrop, for example. It was built just a few years back by Glenn Redman of Newcastle, NSW, and incorporates parts from a variety of old cars, caravans and motorbikes. The pastel colour scheme is very 1950s.

The kitchen has many vintage appliances, including an old stove, electric fan, hurricane lamp and food tins. The power outlets are switched on and off with old bakelite switches. But if you ask why there isn’t an old bakelite radio to complete the nostalgic fit out, Glen smiles and pulls open the hinged switch panel. Hidden behind that
is a modern CD player!

  • Susan and Keith Hall are regular contributors to Caravan World magazine. Watch out for thier 1940s vintage van special feature in the July 2010 edition of Caravan World magazine, out June 8.


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