Saturday Spotlight: GPS with Google

Bob Eustace. — 22 May 2010

Garmin’s new flagship GPS, the 1690, features a built-in wireless link straight to Google. Don’t get too excited about this though, as it costs $100 for access in the second year and you need to work out if it fits in with your RV lifestyle. Its main use is to get access to additional POIs, as there is no facility to do general Google searches.

Sadly, three great features available in the UK and US models aren't supported here: the ability to access the White Pages and then go straight to an address, check the local movie times or find directions simply by entering a postcode.

You can though get local weather at your destination, check airline flights, easily convert currency, find the current location of friends and access instant fuel prices. Another major improvement on Garmin's previous model is the ability to switch to easy-to-read info screens, and at last 1690 has an over speed indicator which goes red.

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