Saturday Spotlight: Tall Order

Susan & Keith Hall — 27 March 2010

 When retro caravan enthusiast Greg Potts bought his vintage WA-built Baravan, he knew that he had a problem to deal with. He is almost 2m tall and his head kept hitting the ceiling of the caravan.

Of course, he had a few possible solutions for dealing with the situation. He could sell the vintage caravan and buy a taller one, but he liked the Baravan. He could raise the roof, though that would be an enormous task. Or he could just get used to keeping his head ducked down when he was inside.

But Greg came up with an even better solution. He lowered most of the floor of the caravan about 10cm, giving himself the extra headroom that he needed. Now he can stand up straight when working in the kitchen.


Susan and Keith Hall Baravan retro Saturday Spotlight