Caravan World — 20 February 2010

Lloyd Junor owned and operated outback tour company Aussie Outback Tours for over 20 years. In our series "Lloyd's outback", he shares with us snapshots of life on the road...

Some habits die hard. Although the pharmacist was a man of considerable fortune, he had great fondness for his WWII surplus canvas fold-up stretcher. The pharmacist was of considerable stature as well, and after years of service the stretcher ceased duty one evening. The timber runner along one side, a mere 25mm sq spar, divided evenly into two parts. In the darkness I was implored to come up with a repair. “Cannot sleep on anything else” was the plea. Resources were distant: we were out from Emu along the Ann Beadell track. I stripped insulation from several metres of electrical cable, sacrificed my hammer handle and bound the splint very tightly into place before soldering the assembly. I’ve no idea where the stretcher is now.

  • Caravan World columnist Lloyd Junor owns Aussie Outback Publishing, which produces outback-themed titles including his own, comprehensive The Australian RV and Caravanner's Guide.


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