Ron and Viv Moon — 6 February 2010

Ron and Viv Moon are two of Australia's most respected travel writers, having helped compile 13 books on the Australian outback
for Lonely Planet, Hema Maps and Global Publications.

Ron and Viv now produce their own titles under the name Moon Adventure Publications, including The Flinders Ranges, an Adventurer’s Guide; Cape York, an Adventurer's Guide and Bush Tracks of Victoria.

Ron and Viv share with us this top southern camping destinations.

"One of my favourite summer camps is on the wild west coast of Tassie at Sundown Point. Tucked in behind the first line of dunes in amongst some tall teatree the best camp is pretty sheltered from the prevailing westerly wind. It’s a top camp!

Sundown Point is also a significant Aboriginal cultural site and with a bit of searching along the rocks, near the mouth of Sundown Creek, observant searchers will find a few ancient engravings, or petroglyphs, made by people long gone. Please do not touch or harm the engravings in any way.

There’s a number of beach drives and tracks through the dunes to enjoy while the fishing, surfing and diving can be excellent.

  • The best book for your travels in Tassie is Offroad Tasmania - 4WD tracks In Tasmania' by Chris Boden. Check the web at
  • You need a permit to drive offroad or along the beaches. A camping permit is also required. Both are available from the NP&WS ranger station located on the northern side of Arthur River township,
    phone (03) 6457 1225.

- Ron and Viv Moon.


Slide out Ron Moon favourite Tassie camp Sundown Point

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