Caravan World — 24 February 2010

At, we asked you how your favourite caravanning and camping gadget improves your travels for your chance to win two tickets to the SA Caravan and Camping Outdoor Adventure Show.

The SA Outdoor Adventure show, on now at the the Adelaide Showground in Wayville until February 28, showcases the latest RVs, camping innovations, 4WDs, and research some of Australia’s favourite destinations and outdoor activities.

You were obviously inspired, we received some fantastic responses. Find below our winner selection.

“Well my favourite travel gadget is a magnifying mirror that reflects the gas light ignition on an old fridge in our caravan. Saves lying on the floor!” – Mark McLeod.

“My Mako Mule gets me out of trouble many times. It offers vertical variability to the A-frame and allows me (a female) purchase to move the van by hand. I don’t leave home without it.” – Meredith Fantham.

“The best gadget I have is my trusty Swiss army knife. It’s probably the only possession I have from when I was a kid, some 20 years ago. Some things are best kept simple.” – Troy Wheatland.

“Helping level up the motorhome no matter where we park, the Fiamma levelling blocks are great.” – Ian and Jan Myers.

“On our caravan, I have installed two curtain rods in each of the Four Season hatches for drying towels and washing as well as hanging the 'over the door' dryer. Suitable when moving or stationary.” – Peter Smith.

“Our shower tent…it lets us bush camp for longer periods of time without sacrificing some of the luxuries – like a regular shower.” – Ursula Davies.

“My favourite gadget is my icebox thermal blanket because it cost nothing (recycled windscreen shade), I thought of it, and it adds days to the life of our ice in the heat.” – Paul Broadbent.


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