Caravan World — 8 May 2009

“Every time I hit the road with that white line in front of me and van on the behind, I am filled with excitement”

Country singer and Discover Downunder co-host Tania Kerneghan chats to Caravan World about her latest album Livin’ The Dream and performing at the Queensland Caravan and Camping show, June 3-9 2009.

The is no other place like Queensland and I am particularly looking forward to returning to Brisbane to once again be part of the caravan show. I love meeting so many people that come to the shows who are eagerly planning their trip around Australia or those that are already “living the dream” and are simply taking advantage of the some of the fabulous exhibits – I don’t think I have met an unhappy “camper” yet!

The inspiring Gall Boys

My latest album Livin' The Dream features a song that my sister Fiona penned called Dad’s not gonna like it. This song was directly inspired by Barry Gall (The Gall Boys dad). For anyone that has watched their adventurous DVDs they will understand that the “Boys” often find themselves is very sticky situations needless to say – dad's not gonna like it.

Recently, I filmed a music video clip in the Blue Mountains for this song and I was thrilled when The Gall Boys made a cameo appearance in the clip. They are naturals, they really made the day an experience to remember!

...life on the road

I first caravanned around Australia with my family when I was 10 years old. Since then I have made many return trips for both work and pleasure. I can honestly say every time I hit the road with that white line in front of me and van on the behind, I am filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

I am a huge advocate for getting out there and seeing this great country of ours. Whether you are single, a young couple, a family or SKI club members (Spending Kids Inheritance) just do it; I guarantee you’ll love it.


Tania Kerneghan is touring with her album "Livin' the Dream" and will be performing daily at the Brisbane Caravan and Camping show. For your chance to win a double pass to the Brisbane caravan show, answer our poll question here.

You can also catch Tania as Discover Downunder returns to Channel 9


Tania Kergaghan