Rhino-Rack Pioneer Wind Fairing

CW Staff — 12 July 2018
The ultimate outdoor adventure accessory

There's nothing worse than cruising on the highway where all you can hear is the howling of the wind rustling against your car and through the gear, strapped to your roof.

Engineered with an innovative sawtooth pattern to disrupt and redirect airflow of oncoming wind, the Pioneer Wind Fairing reduces wind noise and resonance for a quieter drive. Not only will it effectively deflect the air surrounding your load, the Pioneer Wind Fairing doesn’t interfere with any usable space, so you won’t have to compromise on what to leave at home or strap onto the roof for your next adventure. 

Being functional doesn’t always mean skimping out on style. Rhino-Rack’s new Pioneer Wind Fairing has a stylish black design to give your vehicle and roof racks a much sleeker look.

Compatible with existing Pioneer Systems for easy installation and removal (if necessary), the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Wind Fairing can improve fuel efficiency and comes with a 5 year warranty. 


RRP $179



rhinorack caravans pioneer windfairing

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