Brazier MetalArt Bylaser: Product Test

CW Staff — 20 April 2018
This Brazier MetalArt Bylaser portable firepit will make a great addition to your camping getaway gear

There is nothing better than relaxing by the fire, especially once the cooler months are upon us. We picked up a Nomad Australian Animals fire pit from MetalArt Bylaser for our recent cover shoot and we’re so impressed we thought we’d share our thoughts. 

Made with mild grade steel and fully collapsible, the Nomad is a popular portable fire pit by this Queensland based company. Their name gives away their artisan approach to metal work. Specialising in laser cut steel for gardens, fire pits and more, their work is as much aesthetics as it is practical. The key being, the micro-millimetre accuracy of the laser cutting process that creates intricate patterns and images. 

Lighting the Nomad was easy with small vent holes that are handy to poke a lit match through. The vents and cutaway animals allowed enough air for the wood to burn cleanly while the glow of the embers through the cut-outs emitted ambient light. 

One of the most frustrating parts of owning and carrying a brazier, is their sheer bulk and the charcoal that invariably rubs off onto something — but the Nomad is different. It is fully collapsible and comes in a sturdy and charcoal-absorbing hessian bag. Assembly is easy, though takes a bit of practice and should be done where you want to light it, as moving it once hot is not advised. 

Weighing in at only 9.5kg, it won’t add much to your camping/getaway gear, and as it is a contained fire, it can be used more often than open fires. Two rails come with the pack that easily slide through cut-outs near the top of the fire pit, to support equipment for cooking. We didn’t try cooking on ours but we did feed the poles through and give them a good poke to test their stability, and they felt fine. I can see us with a slow cook on top, in the future. 

We used the Nomad Australian Animals fire pit which has four sides and features our favourite native critters. There are multiple patterns available and custom options to order. Imagine having your caravan name or that of your loved ones in your personal fire pit! 


RRP: $229

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