RinseKit: Product Test

David Cook — 3 November 2017

Newly released onto the market in Australia is the RinseKit, a clever idea for portable pressurised water supply that could be very handy around holiday time.

The RinseKit consists of a plastic tub with a lid, inside which is a rubber gland that you fill with water from your nearest mains supply. This fill process, takes about 20 seconds and expands the rubber gland to store the water under pressure, much like a balloon stores air pressure when you inflate it. Water is added by removing the nozzle and plugging the attached hose to a supplied plastic clip-on fitting on a tap. When full, disconnect the hose and reattach the nozzle. The pressure will be stored for as long as the water remains in the gland.

The makers of RinseKit claim it holds up to 8L of water (though we only ever got a little over 6L), which can be accessed using the attached hose and eight-position spray nozzle. This can be very handy for small washing jobs such as cleaning fishing rods, surf boards, kayaks, diving equipment, children’s feet, salt water out of your hair, the soles of dirty boots and so on. But beware, this is not a means of washing down the caravan or the car; there isn’t enough water for that.

The makers claim pressurised water supply lasting up to four minutes. This of course, is a product of the volume of water stored and the pressure under which it is pumped into the RinseKit. Sydney domestic water pressure can vary anywhere from 150 to 1000kpa (21 to 145psi), so volume and pressure would depend very much on the supply pressure at the point of fill. Many regional towns would be expected to have pressure below major cities such as Sydney.

I guess this writer’s home had pressure at the lower end as a filled RinseKit gave enough pressure on the ‘jet’ setting to provide a stream of about 8m initially, and a stream of over 2m in length for 80-90 seconds continuously (and the last half of that was getting pretty low). While on ‘shower’ the stream finished completely after about 40-50 seconds.

The RinseKit comes with a handle for easy carrying, and the lid is removable so that you can stand on it while washing off dirt or sand from your feet.

RRP: $149


test_RinseKit RinseKit: Product Test RinseKit Product Test