Narva Ultima 215 LED driving lamps: Product Test

Caravan World Tech Team — 16 November 2017

Released only a few months ago at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo and at the Brisbane Truck Show, Narva’s new Ultima 215 LED driving lamps are already gaining a huge following amongst offroad enthusiasts and commercial vehicle owners.

The new Narva 215 LEDs feature a class-leading hybrid beam pattern that combines volume for offroad use and long range performance for on-highway transport applications.

Each light is equipped with 33x5W (165W) XP-G2 Cree LEDs that develop a pure white output (5700°K) and a penetrating light of 10,500 raw lumens. 

As a pair, the lamps provide an impressive 1 lux of brightness at 900m.

As well as using powerful Cree LEDs, the performance is aided by the lights’ highly polished, aluminium, metalised reflectors which feature precisely scalloped parabolas for superior control and performance.

The lamps feature die-cast aluminium housing and an Active Thermal Management System allowing the lights to run harder for longer, while also incorporating a nitro breather vent and integrated DT connector. They are also fully sealed against water and dust ingress to IP66 and IP67. These features provide the lights with an impressive operating range of between -40°C to 65°C.

Other benefits of the new lamps include an LED front position light to improve daytime driving visibility, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and see-through lens protector.

For additional control and easy adjustment on the road, the lights also benefit from a tool-free vertical adjustment mechanism.


RRP: $599

Where: Leading automotive and transport outlets

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