Solar Snake Repeller: Product Test

Claudia Bouma — 21 September 2017

Australia is known across the globe as the country with the highest number of venomous creatures, and for good reason. From the deadly eastern brown snake to the nasty coastal taipan, many terrifying reptiles call this nation home. Tripping around Australia is guaranteed to bring you face to face with snakes of all colours and sizes - this was certainly our experience during our two years on the road. Many we spotted from a distance but a couple of snakes came very close to our campsite which can be alarming when you have little kids. But snakes at campsites can now be a thing of the past, thanks to a nifty new product designed by Queensland-based bird deterrent and pest control company, Bird Gard. 

The solar snake repeller looks like a common garden light with a solar panel to charge the battery. Before storming outside to install the repeller, it is important to place it in the sun for two days to fully charge the battery. If sunlight is in short supply, rest assured, because the snake repeller comes with a replaceable battery unlike the cheaper versions on the market – and there are many.

Installation is straightforward. Bury the shaft as deep as you can and compact the ground, as this will significantly reduce the sounds you can hear emitted by the snake repeller. Ideally, placing two repellers around your campsite is the most effective. The Bird Gard solar snake repeller emits two distinct sounds or vibrations which are emitted in a random and non-sequential manner, as opposed to cheaper versions which emit only one sound or vibration at regular intervals. Research has shown that creatures have the ability to recognise a set pattern thus making the gadget ineffective.

It is easy to be tempted to trial a cheaper snake repeller but amazingly, many are not water resistant. Some stop working after the first bit of rain while others last longer but then rust quickly and ultimately break down. This snake repeller has a USB that connects the snake repeller shaft to the solar head, unlike similar products. The Bird Gard solar snake repeller comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, as long as the product is not damaged. The beauty of this product is that it can be used in any location so there’s nothing stopping you from trying it at home. Depending on the size of your property, it is essential to use two repellers. Installation is exactly the same – just keep in mind that the two repellers should not be more than 25m apart. 

The Bird Gard repeller comes in a sturdy cardboard box and can easily be packed in a caravan. Peace of mind at a reasonable price (RRP: $49.50) – I reckon you can’t hit the road without one, or two, of these nifty gadgets. And they pretty up your campsite.

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