ScreenMend: Product Test

Claudia and Chris Bouma — 23 August 2017

During the first camping trip in our second-hand Jayco Outback Flamingo, we were horrified to discover a small tear in one of the flyscreens. Our two-year-old had been poking at the fragile material, wondering if he could put his finger through it. Frustrated, I started looking around for a product that could fix a tear without having to replace the entire screen.

I was rather pleased with myself when I popped into Bunnings and came across a product called ScreenMend. It seemed almost too good to be true. The promise on the packaging was exactly what I hoped for: fix screens in less than a minute. 

For a mere $6.99 I figured I couldn’t go wrong, especially if the wonder product was going to live up to its expectations. The following weekend we set up the Jayco in the backyard and attacked the flyscreen. Chris first cut the flyscreen patch to size which was easy enough, before fixing it to the broken flyscreen using a hairdryer. The patch has to be slightly bigger than the hole, and is best cut in a square. The adhesive on the patch fuses to the flyscreen within a minute.

Once the patch is on you will be able to see it, but it’s still better than throwing your money at a new screen. The patch has been on for more than six months and is still doing the job.

The package contains two 12.7x17.7cm patches in charcoal. Apparently silver is also available but you might have to order it from the States. The company is American and started in the Hooks’ family garage. 

Nine-year-old Emma Hooks watched her dad try and repair a damaged window screen unsuccessfully and decided there had to be a better way to get the job done. She came up with the idea of a self-adhesive patch that could be affixed with the help of instant heat. 

This product can be used for flyscreens in caravans and camper trailers as well as in the home. It’s a great addition to any camping equipment kit as it is compact and only a hairdryer is required to make it work.

I bought ScreenMend six months ago and still have plenty of patches left so it’s excellent value for money. Why camp with a torn flyscreen when you can use this fantastic product?

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