Ecosoulife Bamboo Picnic Set: Product Test

Claudia and Chris Bouma — 21 June 2017

Looking after our fragile environment is something we all try to do; whether we reduce, reuse or recycle. At home we have the convenience of green waste and recycle bins to ensure we minimise the amount of rubbish that ends up at the tip.

However, things aren’t as straight-forward when you head off on (extended) camping trips. Sure, if you stick to caravan parks you might be able to sort your rubbish but some of us like to head bush where there are often no bins. Ultimately we want to conserve the beauty of this amazing country for generations to come and it starts with us. 

Plastic is one of the worst offenders as it does not decompose, yet we use it all the time. In fact, around the globe we produce about 260 million tonnes of plastic every year, and only five per cent is recycled. When I started looking around for practical, yet affordable, products to use in our camper I came across EcoSouLife and checked out its range. 

EcoSouLife is a global, award-winning company which prides itself on designing and manufacturing a wide range of sustainable household, commercial and outdoor products. Natural materials, such as corn, wheat and rice husks, bamboo fibre and fallen palm leaves constitute the basic ingredients of each item and break down completely, once disposed of. The Bamboo Picnic Set caught my attention as we all use crockery and cutlery on a daily basis. Currently we use melamine but once it breaks or starts to look rather shabby, it goes in the bin and is not biodegradable. And melamine is a chemical which can be harmful when added to food. 

The Bamboo Picnic Set comes in a handy carry bag made of jute. Available in a range of nine attractive colours, the set includes four 10in dinner plates, four 16oz bowls, four 15oz cups, eight forks, eight spoons and eight knives. 

The crockery is made of bamboo that will biodegrade naturally within two to three years of disposal while the 24-piece cutlery set is made of corn starch, breaking down within six to 18 months once buried. 

For some reason I had this image of bamboo not being particularly strong but the crockery is solid and can also be used in a dishwasher and is heat resistant, though it cannot be put inside a microwave.


The corn starch cutlery set looks a lot like plastic cutlery but is actually more durable and comfortable to use. Slightly bending the knife, fork or spoon does not cause them to break. Packed in a convenient cardboard box, the cutlery set is a great addition to any outdoor picnic.

The eco-conscious people behind this innovative brand spent many years researching before designing their products - and it shows. Each item has been carefully developed to ensure a good-looking range of products which will impact the health of our planet without breaking the budget. I’d encourage anyone who is serious about limiting their environmental footprint to check out EcoSouLife.

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Ecosoulife Bamboo Picnic Set