Coleman Vanquish Spin 550 LI Lantern: Product Test

Claudia Bouma — 23 December 2016

These days, we travel in a Jayco Outback Flamingo which means no fuss LED lighting inside. However, we knew it would be handy to have a light for the two children outside in the tent so we thought we’d trial the Coleman Vanquish Spin 550LI Lantern.

This li-ion rechargeable spin lantern incorporates the latest technology in LED or light-emitting diodes.

In the Vanquish lantern, the LED lights produce an incredible amount of light yet they never need replacing.

The Vanquish Spin has four modes which are accessed by spinning the top. The first mode gives you 50 lumens; on this setting the battery will last an amazing 80 hours. The medium setting throws out 200 lumens with the battery lasting 14 hours. On the third or the high setting, the lantern will give you 550 lumens, lighting up a massive area. Your battery will last four hours if used like this consistently. The fourth and final setting gives you a flashing light.

The lantern is extremely easy to use: you simply spin the top to choose the level of lighting you require at the time. It is also nice and light, weighing only 1165g. The rubber grip makes for comfortable carrying while the bottom is solid and tough. The lantern also features the Battery Lock function which eliminates battery drain and preserves battery life. 

The Vanquish Spin Lantern does come with a higher price tag but you’ll get many hours of no fuss, excellent lighting.

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